Fab 40: Danny Sheridan, Eugene Walter and Linda Zoghby

Danny Sheridan

Sports Analyst and Handicapper
Danny Sheridan has been involved with sports and the sports promotion business for more than 35 years. A Mobile native and graduate of the University of Alabama School of Business, Sheridan became the country’s leading sports analyst and handicapper. He has been USA Today’s sports analyst for more than 25 years. His sports and political predictions have appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, CNN, TBS and CNBC.

In 2001, Sheridan gave expert testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee during hearings concerning the Amateur Sports Integrity Act.

Eugene Walter

Mobile’s Renaissance Man
The late Eugene Ferdinand Walter has been called “Mobile’s Renaissance Man” because of his varied excursions into the arts. Walter was born and raised in Mobile, which he declared “a separate kingdom. We are not North America; we are North Haiti.”

Walter relocated to Paris, where he helped launch The Paris Review in the 1950s. He produced art and conducted interviews with the likes of Isak Dinesen and Robert Penn Warren.

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In 1960, for Transatlantic Review, he interviewed Gore Vidal. Eventually, Walter moved from Paris to Rome to edit the literary journal Botteghe Oscure for Marguerite Caetani (Princess di Bassiano). Legend has it that he carried a shoebox of Alabama red clay around Europe to maintain a connection with Mobile.

Guests at some of his infamous parties in New York, Paris and Rome reportedly included T. S. Eliot, William Faulkner, Judy Garland, Anais Nin, Leontyne Price and Richard Wright. He was laid to rest in 1998 in the Church Street Graveyard, adjacent to Joe Cain’s gravesite.

Linda Zoghby

Operatic Singer and Voice Teacher
Linda Zoghby, whose powerful operatic voice has been heard around the world, now grooms young singers as an assistant professor of music at the University of South Alabama. Some of her many engagements included Metropolitan Opera leading roles opposite Plácido Domingo and José Carreras. She appeared countless times at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center and gave command performances for presidents Carter and Reagan in the East Room at the White House.

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John Sellers

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