Fab 40: The Coopers and Robert Craft

The Coopers

Leaders in Waterfront Enterprises
In 1905, Angus R. Cooper started a stevedoring business in Mobile. Today, Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring Inc., located on Royal Street, has operations in 38 U.S. ports and Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Canada and Mexico. Then, in 1925, Angus moved to New Orleans to expand his stevedoring business and manage Munson Line’s Gulf operations.

His son, Ervin S. Cooper, joined the family business and had two sons, Angus II and David. He directed the firm’s expansion to ports throughout the U.S. Today, Cooper Riverside Park, at the foot of Government Street, honors him. Angus II and David have since grown the company into a competitive worldwide institution. Their sons, Angus III, Scott and David Jr., are fourth generation in the business.

Robert Craft

Entrepreneur and Gulf Shores Mayor
Robert Craft, noted for standing up for his town during the BP oil spill, was elected mayor of Gulf Shores in 2008, having served as a councilman since 2004. His Craft Farms empire, which includes a 1, 200-acre turf farm and residential planned community, lit the fuse for Gulf Shore’s development explosion.

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