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The Gulf Coast area has changed tremendously in 40 years. What we all remember most, however, are people – the visionaries, preservationists, pioneers and the folks whose accomplishments make us proud. An intriguing variety of persons were considered for this honor. Even a few inanimate characters came up, like Dolly Parton, as in the bridge, and old Freddy, the granddaddy of hurricanes. To imagine this list as exhaustive or scientifically authoritative is impossible; there are enough notable Bay-area people to overload Wikipedia’s server. Nevertheless, for your entertainment, MB presents* a random collection of Mobile and Baldwin standouts who have done significant things to preserve, enhance and improve our lives over the past 40 years.

Dr. George Crozier

Marine Biologist and Conservationist
Dr. George Crozier, executive director of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab since 1979, received the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Walter B. Jones Coastal Steward Award for 1999 – 2000. He is currently engaged in issues emerging from urban sprawl in coastal areas.

After 30 years as Sea Lab director, he retired in 2007, but returned a year later after the sudden death of his successor. He recently retired again.

Mike DeGruy

Natural History Filmmaker
Mike deGruy has travelled the world filming for a variety of clients, primarily the BBC, PBS and National Geographic. He was born in Mobile in 1951, on the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, with its gators, birds, fish, deer and snakes, which would nurture his love for the outdoors.

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He left Mobile to attend high school at Sewanee Military Academy, and later received a B.S. in marine zoology from North Carolina State University. While in the University of Hawaii’s Ph.D. program, deGruy spent three years studying in the Marshall Islands. After surviving a vicious shark attack, he returned to Hawaii, but quit graduate school and began producing natural history films with his own company, Film Crew, Inc.

*These are two folks who helped mold our present and future. Check back each weekday for more “Bay Shapers” throughout the month.

August 2Jim Busby and Casi Callaway

August 3Jay Pollack Altmayer and Regina Benjamin

August 4Hank Aaron and Jimmy Buffett

August 5Michael W. Figures and The Hearins

August 8The Coopers and Robert Craft

August 9Lonnie Johnson and BillyPerdue

August 10Winston Groom, Steve Kittrell and Eddie Stanky

August 11Leila Hollowell and Nick Holmes Jr.

August 12 Frederick Palmer Whiddon and E.O. Wilson

August 15 Mike Dow and Jimmy Faulkner

August 16 Kay Hire and Fannie Flagg

August 17 Arthur R. Outlaw and Craig Sheldon

 August 18 David Bronner and Tim Cook

August 19 Alexis Herman and Arthur Holk

August 22Bob Hope and Jimmy Lyons

August 23Danny Sheridan, Eugene Walter and Linda Zoghby

August 24Sam Jones and Jack Miller Jr.

August 25The Mitchell Family

August 26 Bill Yeager

August 29 Albert Murray

August 30Honorable Mentions

John Sellers

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