Mobile Bay's Top 12 Stories of 2012

The Bridges of Mobile County, ” January 2012
Throughout modern history, many architectural masterpieces have hovered over our murky tides, linking passengers from shore to shore without prohibiting waterway commerce. Text by John S. Sledge

Does Mobile Really Have 'The Original Mardi Gras, ' or Not?” February 2012
Examining fact vs. fiction in what may have been the most controversial article of the year. Text by David A. Bagwell

Photo by Jon Hauge

Shrimp Boat Revival, ” April 2012
A dilapidated vessel is restored to its former glory. Text by Ellis Metz

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Life Aquatic, ” May 2012
Dip into Mobile's favorite water spots of the past. Text by Joshua D. Givens, Tom McGehee, Mallory Boykin

Bay Song, ” June 2012
It defines us, awes us, shares its bounty and glory with us every day. Here, a tribute to the ancient and alluring Mobile Bay. Text by Ellis Metz

Swamp Writer Series, by Watt Key:

Dispatches from the Most Remote Area of Alabama, ” July 2012

My First Night in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, ” August 2012

Kitchen Music, ” September 2012

A Camp Man and His Tools, ” October 2012

Football and the Gator, ” December 2012

Photo by Matthew Wood

Wonder Kids, ” August 2012
These brilliant, talented and hardworking young achievers break records, raise money for charity, hover over microscopes – and make us proud! Text by Kathie Farnell

Storytelling, ” September 2012
Whether dramatized louder than the squeak of a porch swing, whispered to a sleepy young child, or laughed at above the crackle of a campfire, a good tale is still our favorite entertainment. Text by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder

Ask McGehee: Didn't Mobile once have two different daily newspapers?” September 2012. Text by Tom McGehee

A Night at the Races, ” October 2012
Down U.S. Highway 90, tiny Irvington is dead quiet most nights of the week. But, a handful of Saturdays each year, racing fans – and families – from across the Gulf Coast fill the bleachers of Mobile International Speedway to experience the thrill of…Text by Ellis Metz

The Aviators, ” October 2012
Flight has served a significant role in the Bay area's past, present and future. Text by Michael Thomason staff

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