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The Jazz Master

theodore ArthurFor some people, 50 years seems like an eternity. But for those who do what they love, the time goes by...

The Waterman Globe: Mobile's Transient Landmark

John B. Waterman, C.W. Hempstead, and Walter Bellingrath organized the Waterman Steamship Corporation in 1919 in response to the city’s poor port...

50 things You Didn’t Know About the Port City

1Hail to the Chief. Mobile’s first five mayors were called presidents. They were appointed, not elected.2More presidents, more hail. Five U.S. Heads...

The Family Business

CorteLoyal to the LandFred Corte keeps busy farming these days, despite saying once that he had plans to retire. The Corte family legacy...

Architectural Timeline

To travel from the Mobile River west through our fair city is to experience an architectural timeline, featuring the succeeding periods and moods...

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