Restaurant Review: The August House

Jennifer and Adam Alford trade in their food truck for a charming brick-and-mortar restaurant in the heart of Spring Hill.

Male chef of The August House
Adam Alford // Photos by Elizabeth Gelineau

Nothing says Southern comfort food quite like being served by family. This speaks for The August House chef, Adam Alford, and his family of four. Teamed up with wife Jennifer, these two strive to create a family-friendly experience at their restaurant in the crux of Spring Hill, all while taking your taste buds for a ride. 

The Alfords got their start in the food truck business, driving “The Kraken” around the Alabama Gulf Coast for the past few years. Their first day on the road to culinary success, however, didn’t go as planned. Adam shares, “When we parked, we were ready to take on the world and sell food like crazy. But by the end of the day, Jennifer and I were on the floor of the truck bawling … we had only sold two meals!” Needless to say, their determination to stick with it paid off, and the big brown truck with the octopus strapped to the hood became a local mainstay. Unlike your typical taco, burger and other fair-fun food trucks, the Alfords sold locally sourced seafood in hopes of bringing the ocean to the streets. After pounding the pavement for months, Jennifer and Adam started dreaming of taking the next step. “We were looking to settle down to a brick-and-mortar style of serving, so when we found this building, I sold the food truck, and the rest is history!”

Although the team decided to pump the brakes on their mobile business, this didn’t stop their adventurous menu. Every few months The August House sees a different dinner menu, all catered toward the ever-changing Mobile seasons. This fall? Get ready for more gamey bites like elk, bison and duck. Not everything disappears with the changing temperatures, however, as Jennifer assures that the brunch menu stays fairly constant. Those fabulous chicken and waffles will be available all year round.

From selling seafood by the seashore to planting roots on Old Shell Road, the Alfords know how to please a crowd. “We’re located in a very supportive neighborhood, so we like that people can just walk over and share a meal with us. But what we really love is when people find us online and just decide to come on by.” If you’re looking to shake it up, pop by the blue Victorian house for a little family love and a lot of good food.

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Pork chop from The August House
Kan Kan Chop
Chicken and Waffles

On the Menu

Kan Kan Chop 
This pan-fried pork chop oozes flavor, topped with a tangy peach bacon jam and served with fresh greens and sweet corn.

Grilled Shrimp salad
Succulent shrimp straight from the Gulf serve as the centerpiece for a fresh bed of greens, hand-grated Parmesan cheese and smoky bacon bits.

Top of the hill
Bacardi, St. Germain, grapefruit soda and a spritz of lime fill to the brim of this glass to remind you how to have a good time!

Chicken and Waffles
Unlike your typical breakfast, this rendition of the traditional Southern day-starter is smothered in a special homemade spicy syrup to give you that little zip we all crave. To top off a spectacular meal, wash it all down with a brunch-favorite Bellini.

The August House • 4513 Old Shell Road, near The Holiday boutique • Facebook
11 a.m. – 2 p.m., 5 p.m. – 9 p.m., T – Sa; 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Su; closed M

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