School Days

Keeping with the theme of this month’s youth issue, we’ve done a little digging of our own to surface some classic photos of MB staffers and freelancers in their prime. Kids, these pictures are proof that it only gets better from here…

Stephen Potts, Assistant Publisher

Was this photo taken in high school or yesterday? We can’t decide. St. Paul’s Episcopal School, 1996


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Lawren Largue, Executive Editor

Overalls and crew socks? Those were the days!


Mallory Boykin, Editorial Assistant

Smocked dress, bobby socks and a bow = ready for kindergarten! Westlawn Elementary School, 1993 and Murphy High School, 2003

Ellis Metz, Editorial Assistant

This little guy (front row, third from the left) couldn’t be more excited for the Yankees’ 1998 team photo.
Game face?


Abby Parrott, Web Producer

Bringing out the plaid for picture day…so hipster for ’93. Preschool and Mobile Christian School, 2008

Marie Katz, Production Director

In first grade, “sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…”


Kelan Mercer, Art Director

It’s all fun and games until you’re wearing matching pink tights. Pictured left in 1989 and right with twin sister, Alison, and little sister Jayme in 1990


Adelaide Smith, Account Executive

Number blocks are always a nice touch. St. Ignatius School, 1997 and St. Paul’s Episcopal School, 2005

Chris McFadyen, Editorial Director of Business Alabama

6-year-old Chris is pictured here on an elephant when the circus came to Ladd Stadium while Father Jimmy Byrnes, pastor of Little Flower Catholic Church, holds his little sister Brenda.

Adrian Hoff, Contributing Writer and Photographer

Feel free to caption this photo how you like. staff

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