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Tag: Out & About

A Toast to Trader’s

A weathered, wooden, geodesic dome hangout quietly stands on the western edge of the Apalachee River. Trader’s, with its wrap-around balcony, pier-prowling pussycats and...

Sandwich Shopping

John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, was a man of many great accomplishments, most notably inventing the sandwich. Nowadays, sandwiches still gather fame through name.And...

Hike, Bike & Paddle

The Gulf of Mexico has been in our faces so long we’ve become myopic. We don’t even focus on other nearby waterways. It’s time to dip a paddle, ...

Beer Hopping

You can almost smell the hoppy, malty aroma on the Bay breeze. Is your mouth watering in anticipation? Eastern Shore watering holes can quench the craving with intriguing...

50 things You Didn’t Know About the Port City

1Hail to the Chief. Mobile’s first five mayors were called presidents. They were appointed, not elected.2More presidents, more hail. Five U.S. Heads of State — Theodore Roosevelt,...

Spotlight on Stephen Toomey

Stephen Toomey sells fun. His store, Toomey's Mardi Gras, deals in a magnificent array of colorful beads, masks and other glittering carnival paraphernalia. Stephen's parents, ...

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