15 Beautiful Outdoor Retreats

Local homeowners enjoy a little slice of paradise in their own backyard. Take a look at some of our favorite porches, gardens and outdoor living spaces featured over the years.

LOCATION Point Clear
Slatted porch ceilings pull outdoor air through to the attic, allowing additional draft on hot summer days. The home’s shutters were crafted from trees cut from the surrounding property and are original to the house. Featured in “Point Clear Heritage, ” March 2010. Photo by Jean Allsopp

LOCATION Bay Front Road
Wide front porches, relaxed Adirondack and rocking chairs and plentiful windows around this cozy Western Shore cottage create a light and welcoming home. Featured in “The Western Shore, ” March 2016. Photo by Summer Ennis

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LOCATION West Mobile
This resort-style pool and covered cabana are ideal spaces for entertaining year-round. Featured in “Isle Style, ” April 2015. Photos by Summer Ennis

LOCATION West Mobile
A custom-made Luke Phillips swing bed makes this deck the perfect place to lounge on sunny Saturdays. Featured in “Ranch-Style Revival, ” March 2015. Photo by Summer Ennis

Blue Haven installed the Spellmeyer family’s pool with a mosaic marlin design at the bottom. Blue and lime green fish-shaped Adirondack chairs are a playful addition to the outdoor space that features stunning views of the river. Featured in “Aqua Culture, ” March 2013. Photo by Nicole Quinn


LOCATION Ashland Place
(Left) A stunning rose arbor provides the perfect backdrop for a garden pool at this Ashland Place home. Featured in “Ashland Place Revival, ” March 2011. Photo by Susan S. Kangal

LOCATION Spring Hill
(Right) Built-in storage for firewood and grilling make this outdoor space ultra functional. Featured in “All in the Family, ” March 2017. Photo by Summer Ennis

LOCATION Spring Hill
An old brick wall surrounds this gorgeous lap pool, giving the backyard the feel of a French Quarter courtyard. A live oak tree reigns over the space that is balanced with a large covered porch for entertaining. Featured in “1836 Creole Cottage, ” March 2009. Photo by Jean Allsopp

LOCATION Point Clear
There is something about going to sleep to the sound of waves and waking up to a view of the Bay that makes this cozy sleeping porch so special. Featured in “Bay Break, ” March 2010. Photo by Jean Allsopp


LOCATION Magnolia Springs
(Left) Comfortable wicker and upholstered furniture makes this outdoor space, complete with a wood-burning fireplace,  a cozy, alfresco getaway. Featured in “Nestled Away, ” June 2014. Photo by Michael Mastro

(Right) This large outdoor shower is perfect for rinsing off between the beach and pool. Featured in “Island Getaway, ” August 2016. Photo by Summer Ennis

LOCATION Point Clear
Beadboard paneling and antique-looking floor lamps add charm and character to this bright and open porch. Featured in “Boardwalk Cottage, ” March 2010. Photo by Jean Allsopp

A greenhouse covered in lush greenery and stained glass windows from Charleston creates a gardener’s oasis. Featured in “Cottage Style, ” September 2011. Photo by Susan S. Kangal


LOCATION Mullet Point
(Left) Rainy days call for board games on this quaint screened-in porch decorated with comfy furniture and bright, bold accents. Featured in “Awash in Color, ” March 2014. Photo by Todd Douglas

(Right) This cozy screened-in porch serves as its own living space with a mounted TV hung above the fireplace, hidden behind rustic doors. Featured in “Cottage Upgrade, ” March 2011. Photo by Summer Ennis

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