Ask McGehee

Did Mobile really have a nutria rodeo?

Backyard Gridiron, 1938

Boys enjoy a game of football in Spring Hill

Ask McGehee

What is the history of Hartwell Field, and was it Mobile’s first baseball park?

Leroy “Satchel” Paige, 1948

Mobilian and baseball legend Satchel Paige comes to life

Ask McGehee

What is the history of the cannon at Government and Houston streets?

Tonti of the Iron Hand

The story of how a prized portrait finally and fittingly made it to Mobile is as fascinating as the subject himself.

Mosaic Masterpieces in Mobile

Conrad Albrizio’s mosaic masterpieces, housed in the foyer of the Civic Center arena, face an uncertain future.

Shotgun Houses, 1937

Travel back to 1937 and see one of Mobile’s shotgun house communities

Ask McGehee

Who was the Catholic bishop credited with keeping hurricanes from striking Mobile?

The Frazier Farm Legacy

The only thing more prosperous than one man’s farm was the family he started there.

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