The Bonnie Blue Flag That Bears A Single Star

A flag often confused with the Confederacy instead represents a fascinating page in our local history.

The British Royal Navy Pays Mobile a Visit

A little more than 200 years ago, the world’s most frightening fleet anchored off our shores and stayed for months.

Smith’s Bakery, circa 1902

Gordon Smith, pictured first row on the far left, is just one of many merchants of his generation who traveled to Mobile with dreams of starting his own business....

Davis Avenue Pool Hall, 1939

Do you recognize anyone from this photo taken at Jim’s Billiards on Davis Avenue?

Ask McGehee

Did the Bankhead Tunnel ever have toll booths?

Mobile’s Haunted Present

The Bay’s historic ghosts still materialize today in spooky ways.

Augusta Evans, circa 1900

This portrait of Augusta Evans at home comes to life in full color

Ask McGehee

Who was the impoverished French baroness who once lived in Mobile?

Mobile’s Designing Women

Four matriarchs of style and artistic expression illustrate the development of the city’s chic mystique.

The Bay Area’s Architectural Gems

Mobile boasts almost two centuries of stellar architecture. MB asked some of the Bay area’s top architects and designers to single out their picks for standout structural design.

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