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The Vine and Olive Colonists’ Perilous Mobile Bay Landfall

Historian John Sledge recounts the Vine and Olive colonists’ perilous Mobile Bay landfall.
Washington Square fountain

Ask McGehee: What is the history of Mobile’s Washington Square?

Washington Square is one of Mobile's most beloved parks and is surrounded by some of the finest examples of 19th-century architecture.

A History of Mobile in 22 Objects: Pottery from the Mobile-Tensaw Mounds

A fragment of pottery breaks open the pivotal role the Mobile area played in ancient cultures.

Gulf Shores in the 1950s

Take a trip to Gulf Shores of the 1950s with this photograph of the one-time sleepy beach town.

Ask McGehee

What Downtown luxury hotel burned, just before opening its doors?

Prescription for Change

Historian Tom McGehee explains how pandemics have shaped home design.

“The Pirate bore down on us…”

Maritime historian John Sledge recounts the eventful maiden voyage of the revenue cutter Alabama.

Ask McGehee

Is it true that one of NASA’s first astronauts was from Mobile?

Horsing Around

Take a look back at the historic Arlington Fairgrounds through the lens of a 1925 photograph.

A History of Mobile in 22 Objects: John LeFlore’s Typewriter

This month’s artifact from the History Museum of Mobile — the typewriter of civil rights activist John LeFlore — is the symbol of a quiet revolution.

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