Last Slave Ship ‘Clotilda’ Found in Mobile River

Officials of the Alabama Historical Commission say they feel sure that they have discovered in the Mobile River the remains of the last ship to bring slaves into the U.S.

Ask McGehee

Did the city of Mobile enact a law against women wearing high-heeled shoes?

The Wreck of the Ivanhoe

Relive the night of action that sent the blockade runner to her resting place off Fort Morgan.

Mobile Bar Association Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Take a glimpse into the lives of the incorporators and a few noteworthy attorneys throughout the Bar Association’s long history.

A School’s Legacy of Service

A church and school on the African-American Heritage Trail mark a place of great consequence in the history of Mobile Civil Rights.

Golfing at the Grand Hotel, 1951

Hit the links in full color at the Lakewood Golf Club

Ask McGehee

Was the first submarine built in Mobile?

The Oldest Medicine

The holistic health approach of medicinal herbs continues to prosper in the wake of modern medicine breakthroughs.

Ask McGehee

Who was the mysterious Mobilian known as “Floating Island?”

King Patrick Feore, 1928

King Patrick Feore arrives in his royal regalia

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