Ask McGehee

Was the first submarine built in Mobile?

The Oldest Medicine

The holistic health approach of medicinal herbs continues to prosper in the wake of modern medicine breakthroughs.

Ask McGehee

Who was the mysterious Mobilian known as “Floating Island?”

King Patrick Feore, 1928

King Patrick Feore arrives in his royal regalia

New Book Recounts History of Mobile’s Infant Mystics

A look at the Infant Mystics’ tell-all Carnival book

Dauphine Theatre, 1920

The Dauphine Theatre's marquee in vibrant color

Erik Overbey, Mobile’s Chronicler

Meet one of the city’s most prolific photographers of all time — a man who contributed a multitude of everyday lifestyle images to our local archives.

Ask McGehee

What is the history of the former American Legion currently being remodeled on Government Street?

Spinsters, 1941

The 1941 Spinsters theme, “Only Hearts are Trump”

On Frozen Bay

Though a rare occurrence, Mobile Bay has, on occasion, been covered in ice.

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