Banana Pudding

Local author Emily Blejwas finds that much of Mobile’s story can be told through the history of one classic Southern dessert.

The Largest and Most Commodious Bay

A 1558 Spanish voyage yields one of the oldest descriptions of Mobile Bay.

Ask McGehee

Is it true that Walt Disney visited Mobile to consider it a possible site for Disney World?

A Presidential Breakfast

Artifacts at the History Museum of Mobile recall President Woodrow Wilson’s morning meal at the Battle House Hotel in 1913.

Ask McGehee

What’s the history of the old Providence Hospital being demolished on Spring Hill Avenue?

Gumbo: Africans and Creoles on the Gulf Coast

Local author Emily Blejwas boils down the history of Creoles in Mobile.

Mystic Restoration

A partnership between the 1857 Foundation and a local, prominent mystic society allowed for the full restoration of one of downtown Mobile’s beloved architectural old dames.

The Slave Who Went to Congress

Mobile author Frye Gaillard coauthors a children’s book about a little-known story in Alabama history.

Ask McGehee

When did Alcoa operate in Mobile?

Ask McGehee

What is Mobile’s beer brewing history?

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