David Bagwell


Mobile’s King of Chess

Dig into Mobile’s connection to “The Queen’s Gambit” through the story of legendary player Paul Morphy.

Mobile Bar Association Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Take a glimpse into the lives of the incorporators and a few noteworthy attorneys throughout the Bar Association’s long history.

The Bonnie Blue Flag That Bears A Single Star

A flag often confused with the Confederacy instead represents a fascinating page in our local history.

Shanties by the Bay

Sea shanties (also known as chanteys) were slow-paced songs which gangs of working men — or “shantymen” or “shantyboys” — sang to pace the hard work. On ships, ...

Does Mobile Really Have “The Original Mardi Gras,” Or Not?

In Mobile, we like to throw around the phrase, “the original Mardi Gras, ” and we often claim that we had it. We get a little...

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