Ask McGehee

What is the history of the property known as ‘Cannongate’ on Spring Hill Avenue?

Ask McGehee

How many ships have been named Mobile?

Madoc’s Mark: The Persistence of an Alabama Legend

Historian John Sledge explores the riddle of Prince Madoc, the Welsh explorer who, according to legend, discovered the New World via Mobile Bay three centuries before Columbus.

Ask McGehee

What is the history of Bienville Square?

Baker Graded School Basketball, 1907

See the 1907 female basketball squad of Mobile's Baker Graded School in vivid color.

What Lies Beneath

The soil of Mobile and Baldwin counties is rich with history, lore and stories of those long departed.

Ask McGehee

What do you know about the Mobilian who worked with Thomas Edison?

Integrity of Craft

“Blacksmiths,” a painting from the archives of the History Museum of Mobile, affords a closer look at Great Depression-era Mobile.

Mobile’s Top Concerts

Relive some of the biggest concerts in Mobile's history through the eyes of those who attended.

Ask McGehee

What plantation home stood where UMS-Wright Preparatory School is today?

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