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Judy Culbreth

Judy Culbreth

Double Star Home

Carol and Mike Gordon had lots of time to dream about the house they’d one day build. Their thoughtful musings set the stage for the most unique home in Alabama — perhaps in the country.

A Rich Heritage

Hospitality entrepreneur Sandy Beall takes rugged refinement to the next level at the classic mountain retreat High Hampton in Cashiers, North Carolina. 

The Drive-In Generation

I am about 7 years old, pajama-clad and holding hands with two of my sisters as we skip to the swing sets. The sun is slowly fading...

Flix and Grits

In 1909, after blowing almost all the profits for his best seller, “The Jungle, ” on lavish communal quarters in New Jersey, Upton Sinclair decided...

The First and Last Picture Show

Nearly 90 years ago, a young, idealistic lawyer realized his dream of opening a theater. Some may have considered the enterprise an optimist’s folly. After all,...

Street Smarts

“With the exception of Cuba, Dauphin is, historically, the most prominent and interesting island in the Gulf of Mexico.” So wrote Richebourg Gaillard McWilliams, former...

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