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Cartledge Blackwell


Explore 3 Historic Homes in Camden

With their discerning eyes and restorative hands, three Mobile couples redefine rural retreats in Wilcox County.

A History of Mobile in 22 Objects: Chief Slac’s Threads

As part of our series highlighting the History Museum of Mobile’s exhibit “A History of Mobile in 22 Objects,” take a closer look this month at the story of Mardi Gras, told through Chief Slac’s Joe Cain Day costume from the 1970s.

Cabin Fever

A physician-turned-cabin-master builds rustic log getaways designed to bring owners back to nature.

A Spirited History of Sipping

Get a taste of Mobile’s longstanding appreciation of libations, from olden vino to modern-day malts.

Mobile’s Designing Women

Four matriarchs of style and artistic expression illustrate the development of the city’s chic mystique.


Explore the story, magic and chic of architectural salvage in Mobile.

Shotgun Revival

A brief history of the iconic Southern architectural style and the new generation taking aim at repurposing shotgun houses for a multitude of uses

An Architect’s Own

The high grounds rising above Downtown Mobile have long been home to the monumental and picturesque. From its earliest days, tree-canopied Spring Hill has been peppered with villa estates...

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