Before & After: Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

Chelsea Lipford Wolf walks us through another fun project of her ranch house renovation: her son's bedroom makeover.

While this is the smallest bedroom in our house, it was still full of potential when we bought it. We knew the first order of business was to eliminate the bright red/magenta walls. This was my first time testing out the ‘one-coat coverage’ of Behr’s Marquee paint, and it showed up! I selected two different blues to create an accent wall.

When we moved in, we placed the twin daybed against the accent wall. After the first few months of getting settled in, it was time to enhance the painted accent wall with wood pinstripes.

Using simple moldings kept in stock at the local hardware store, I glued the lightweight sticks on the wall. No nails needed at all! After you figure out the spacing between each stripe, cut a spacer block to size. Slide the block in place, set your next stripe against it and you won’t have to measure for each new piece! The closer together your stripes the more you’ll create a pinstripe effect!

Closet Update

This house has A LOT of bi-fold doors. They do serve a purpose, I get it. But when they keep falling off of the track or kids pinch their fingers, it’s time for them to go. For our son’s closet doors, we wanted them to match the new interior doors installed throughout the house. But that would come with a $400 price tag for a 4-year-old’s closet. So we decided to update the existing bi-fold doors by converting them into standard French-style doors. Visually, they look the same, but they function much differently.

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The simple trick is drilling pocket holes for hidden screws. Putty over the screw holes, touch up the paint and it’s like the screws were never there! We matched the door hardware with the the rest of the home to maintain consistency. And when we do decide to upgrade to matching doors, we can reuse the hinges and knobs. Pinch-free fingers in the meantime. Win-win!

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