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#1 If you're going to splurge on anything, it should be your wedding photos. This is the one thing from your wedding that you will keep and cherish forever.  Flowers wilt, embroidered napkins are thrown away, but photos save your memories. Don't skimp on hiring a professional. Keegan McWhorter, Admoni Photography

#2 If your photographer offers packages, but you don't see exactly what you're looking for, always ask about a customized package. Many photographers simply use packages as guidelines based on what most of their clients are looking for, and are happy to create a custom package to meet your needs. Amy Anderson, Studio A Photography

#3 Choose a photographer that you trust. It's your wedding day, and worrying about whether the photographer is getting the shots you want should be the last thing on your mind. Choose someone whose work you love and whom you feel confident will get the kinds of images you want. Amy Anderson, Studio A Photography

#4 It is important that the bride and groom get comfortable with their photographer. This person will be up close and personal during practically every moment of your very important day, so building a good rapport with them is important. Keegan McWhorter, Admoni Photography

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#5 Ask to see whole sets of images from previous weddings, rather than a group of the best images from a bunch of different events.  This will help you gauge whether the quality of work is consistent. Anybody can get a great shot once in a while. But, for your wedding, you want to make sure that you're hiring a photographer who consistently gets great shots at every event. Amy Anderson, Studio A Photography 

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#6 Sift through photo books from beginning to end, looking for sharp and good composition images. Melinda Mercer, Melinda Mercer Photography

#7 Once you've made the decision on who will be documenting your day, take some time to add fun little details to your wedding “style.” Part of what makes wedding photos fun to look at is when a wedding truly represents the couple!  It's all in the details. Keegan McWhorter, Admoni Photography

#8 Sign up for Pinterest (it's free!) and pin your favorite wedding photo shots. Share your board with your photographer, and both of you can brainstorm some cool shots for your wedding. Melinda Mercer, Melinda Mercer Photography

#9 Consider sunlight when planning your ceremony time. If you're having an evening wedding, ask your photographer about creating a special moment before the wedding to have a “first moment” to see each other and get beautiful photos while the sun is still out. Keegan McWhorter, Admoni Photography

#10 Include your photographer when making an itinerary for the big day. Photographers can be really helpful in making sure the day goes smoothly and that you've allowed plenty of time to get the photos you want. Also, it's so helpful for both the photographer and the bride to communicate about the wedding schedule and to know what to expect throughout the day.  It's a great relationship builder, too, which helps everyone feel more relaxed! Amy Anderson, Studio A Photography 

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#11 Be. On. Time. If you run late, it takes away from the time the photographer is counting on having with you to get those great photos. Keegan McWhorter, Admoni Photography

#12 Last but not least, relax and take time to enjoy the whole wedding experience! Melinda Mercer, Melinda Mercer Photography

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