Bringing Warmth to Your Outdoor Space

Feast your eyes on the sea of options available to incorporate fire into your outdoor space.

We live in the deep, deep south. And it’s hot a lot of the time. So the thought of adding fire to our outdoor spaces can seem, well, a little dumb. But hear me out – there is something about sitting around a fire, either with a group or by yourself, that is calming, relaxing, and allows you to recharge. Many of us have indoor fireplaces we enjoy, so it only makes sense to bring fire into our outdoor entertainment spaces as well.  But what style fits you? Feast your eyes on the sea of options available to incorporate fire into your outdoor space.

The fireplace: A large stacked stone fireplace could be just the right choice for you if you love a rustic look and want a large, bold focal point for your outdoor area. These can be wood burning or powered by natural gas. The best part is DIY kits are available, like this one from General Shale, available at Riley Stuart Supply in Mobile.

Propane Fire Table: Fire tables come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, but they all have one thing in common – they use a propane gas to create fire and heat. What I love about them is they are easy to light, no need to gather wood or build a fire, and you don’t smell like smoke when you go inside. They also don’t create ash or embers so you can use them in more locations than a wood burning fire pit and there is nothing to clean up between uses. This round fire table came from Wayfair.

Custom Fire Feature: Fire features can be custom designed and built for your space, like the fire wall seen here. It’s nice to have something completely unique for your home, and a fire feature really makes a statement.

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Fire and Water: Combining water and fire together in one special sculpture adds a true centerpiece to your outdoor space, as well as a conversation starter. This kit from HPC isn’t a DIY project and should be left to professionals to install.

Art Torch: Tiki torches take a back seat to pieces of art that double as a fire feature. This cactus torch is a really amazing piece of sculpture during the day, and lights up to provide perfect romantic light at night. So if you’re into yard art and including objects that do double duty, this might be the fire feature for you. Also available in baby cactus.

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