Video: What to Consider When Shopping for Outdoor Flooring

Exterior designer Catherine Arensberg walks us through the floor selection process while designing her new outdoor living space.

There were so many decisions that needed to be made during the process of designing our new outdoor living space, and choosing the right flooring proved to be one of the trickiest. Material, color, tile pattern and grout color were just a few of the things we had to consider. We had to imagine how each decision could affect the space as a whole, and there were times when it seemed overwhelming.

As a designer, this process is part of my daily life, so I know that if it’s a little overwhelming for me, it’s probably very overwhelming to most homeowners. In the video below, I’ll show you the various choices we had to make in hopes that you will get a good idea of what you should be considering when you shop for your own outdoor flooring to make the whole process a little less stressful.

Catherine Arensberg is an exterior designer who specializes in finding ways to create your ultimate outdoor space, no matter the budget. Learn more here:

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