Christmas Baubles

Mobile Bay readers share the stories behind their favorite ornaments.

“I made this at Ashland Place Mother’s Day Out in 1992. The golden pasta is never going anywhere. My parents hang it every year — no matter the condition.” – Graysi Ethridge

“My grandma bought this in the 1950s while living in Germany. Growing up, there was always such excitement when the ornament you unwrapped to hang was the mushroom.” – Katie Vogtner

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“This sassy poodle was a housewarming gift from Mary Walker. It reminds me to be fabulous throughout the holiday season!” – Kasee Heisterhagen

“The kids think this angel is so ugly. They try to hide it every year, but I insist on it being front and center.” – Nichole Russell Patrick

“My mom made lots of ornaments, including this hand-painted one. She found the starfish on a Virginia beach in the late ‘70s.” – Meg Fowler

“When I was a child, many cousins would exchange presents under a tree that held circular frames with each family member’s name in needlepoint, all made by our Aunt Karen. These ornaments remind me of a wonderful time, in a place I love, among people I love and who love me.” – Stacey Driskell

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