Deck the Halls with Thoughtful Art

Tis the season to deck the halls with lots of fun decorations. Christmas trees, twinkly lights, garland, and knick knacks fill up our homes and give us such a warm feeling to come home to. When Christmas is over and all the fun things get shoved back in the attic and the tree is kicked to the curb, we often catch ourselves missing that character that all the Christmas cheer brings in to our homes.

Think about it. There are so many special pieces that get brought out once a year that have such a fun story to tell. Nativity scenes passed down generations. Ornaments glued together in a kindergarten class. Pieces you saved up for that you look forward to showing off once a year. These special items tell the stories of the past and add warmth to the present. As much as I love Christmas, I truly don’t think we have to wait once a year to experience this feeling in our homes.

Art is a gift that decks the halls year round. It can be passed down for generations, pieced together in a classroom and saved up for! It doesn’t always have to break the bank! Here are my top three categories that I keep in mind when building mine or my client’s art repertoire.

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau


One of my favorite pieces of art is one I had commissioned from an artist I discovered online. She did a watercolor map of Mobile that highlighted some of our favorite places and some landmarks. It hangs in our girls’ bedroom, and they absolutely LOVE pointing out their favorite ice cream place, our home and their school. If you need a great last-minute gift, contact an artist and see if they can give you a gift card to have your loved one commission a special piece just for them after the holiday rush dies down.

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Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau


In my little boy’s room, I needed an inexpensive piece to hang over his dresser. We spent the majority of our budget on furniture, and I needed an affordable accent for one wall. I found a printable piece from a store on Etsy and asked if they would format it for a larger size. They sent me a digital file, and I forwarded it to an online framing company. Three weeks later, I had a gorgeous framed piece of art. The artwork cost me $5, and the frame was $150. Printables are such a great way to add some quick character to a room for a great price! If it’s a smaller printable, you could even find a frame at Target or HomeGoods and have a quick and easy gift!

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau


I love the TV show “Parks and Recreation,” and there is an episode where two characters spend an entire day pampering themselves and buying all the luxury items they’ve been wanting, a day they refer to as “Treat Yo Self.” I feel like every art collection needs to have pieces that you really save and work hard for. I’ve had my eye on a Sarah Otts piece for a very long time. I am a huge fan of her work and have used her paintings in clients’ homes before. I knew that one day I would own a piece, and I set a few business goals last year that I met and this was my reward to myself! It is in one of the main rooms in our home. I see it hundreds of times a day, and it makes me happy every time. I think everyone deserves a piece of art that they worked hard for that can bring them joy every time they look at it!

Caitlyn Waite is an interior designer who lives in Midtown with her husband and three children. Click here to browse more of her work.

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