Decor We Love: Framed Scarves

A treasured square of silk, perhaps passed down and now in the back of a drawer, finds new life as unexpected art.

A scarf featuring the sites of Mobile circa 1950 framed in the home of Julie Bagwell.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been stuck inside, staring at the same walls for a couple of months, dreaming of updating this or that. Rather than redesign your whole house, however, a unique — and more affordable — way to spruce your space might just be hiding in your closet, collecting dust. Scarves, once framed, are a great way to inject personality into a room without busting your budget.

The internet is teeming with do-it-yourself videos for those looking to tackle the framing project on their own. Before beginning, consider the scarf’s fabric, the materials you might use to mount it and the permanence of the display.  

If done correctly, framed scarves can be easily interchanged, making seasonal decorating a breeze. For instance, a brightly colored Vera scarf hung in spring could be replaced in the fall with a more subtly hued Hermes. But why hang only one at a time? A triptych of assorted scarves would turn any wall into a gallery. 

Showcasing your newly framed art can be as unique as the scarf itself. A few unexpected places include the laundry room, a walk-in closet or dressing area, or a nursery. Niches in walls or bookcases also make great architectural borders. But no one said it has to be hung — leaning frames against the wall from atop a desk or buffet is a casual way to display your one-of-a-kind conversation piece.

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From the Experts
Lyons Share’s Lindsey Lawrence says she has developed a special technique that involves stitching scarves onto a suede mat, gently maneuvering around the scarf’s existing cord so as not to mar the silk. “We use an archival process, meaning the scarves can be taken out and worn again if the owner chooses.”

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