3 Ways to Decorate Your Door for Fall

Wreaths and garlands are no longer just for Christmastime. Mobilians are decking their doorsteps for Mardi Gras, Easter and every holiday afterward. Here, four creative locals let the changing season inspire chic fall looks for every style and personality.

Funky & Fab Halloween

Blakeley Webb, Lighting Designer
If you ask Blakeley Webb, too much is just enough. And passers-by of her Dauphin Street home are thankful she decorates by that mantra. Not one to let a holiday slip by unadorned, Blakeley exceeds the confines of any decorating box, bringing her wildest dreams to life, especially during Halloween. Blakeley reaches for pieces from the collection she’s grown over the years, even using her old clothes for a witch’s ensemble.

“When framing your front door with garland, anchor the midpoint of the garland to the ceiling, about 2 to 3 feet in front of the door. This gives the decor a three-dimensional look.” – Blakeley Webb

Get the Look

Plan ahead
Treat your garland as one unit. Attach embellishments with floral wire, and at the end of the season, just move the whole garland to storage rather than removing individual pieces.

Mesh is a great supply to have on hand
The weather in Mobile can wreak havoc on outdoor decorations, but mesh can stand up to the heat and humidity.

Paint the interior
Neon paint on the inside of pumpkins not only revitalizes them but also makes them more visible at night.

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Cut ribbon in 3 – 4 foot sections
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to work with an entire spool of ribbon — or any fabric — at once. Shorter sections make twisting and tying much easier.

Fishing line
Fishing line is good for attaching items and for hanging the garland. Look for line that has been tested for a high weight — garland gets heavy quickly!

Where she sourced
Ribbon and mesh: Al’s 5 & 10 | Ceramic Pumpkins: Similar to shown can be found at Old Time Pottery | Plastic Pumpkins: Walmart | Broomsticks: Similar to shown can be found at Michael’s | Lights: Hobby Lobby | Witch: Designer’s private collection

Sweetly Southern

Page Smith, Page Smith Decor & Designs
You won’t find Page Smith with idle hands. She’ll likely have them tangled in ribbons and lights or dappled in paint, working on her next homemade project. A decorator since childhood, Page finds no celebration or holiday too small to spruce. When turning her sights to fall decorating, she keeps in mind the natural colors from crops of the region: hydrangea greens and cotton whites.

“Who says design has to stay on the porch? Consider decorating a garden gate instead.” – Page Smith

Get the Look

Mix local items
Visit local farms and farmers markets and buy what is in season. Don’t be afraid to buy a pumpkin from one place and flowers from another. Mix and match!

Customize the decor to the setting
If it’s a rustic look you’re after, consider burlap and cotton, for example. If you’re decorating a more modern space, reflect that in your pieces.

Work with what you have
There is no need to buy everything new! Think about collections such as your china, scrap fabrics or your children’s toy box when decorating.

Hardy choice
A grapevine wreath makes a great foundation. The sturdiness of the grapevine makes it easy to build upon.

Don’t be afraid to relocate
Take a look around your home to find items that would work with the decor. If you like a vase from an upstairs bedroom, for instance, bring it out for decoration during the season.

Where she sourced
Dried Hydrangeas: Elizabeth’s Garden | Cotton: Penry Farm | Dough Bowl with Stand: Charles Phillips Antiques | Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby | Wooden Pumpkins: Designer’s private collection | Baby’s Breath: Winn-Dixie

Southern Thanksgiving

Elizabeth Doyle and Kim Lowe, Over the Top decor
Elizabeth Doyle and Kim Lowe’s friendship is the perfect example of two heads being better than one. Each friend once worked alone, decorating homes and then comparing work with the other. And then it hit them — why don’t we collaborate? The pair enjoys dressing homes for any occasion, and for autumn, Elizabeth and Kim look for natural elements that can be repurposed or painted for Christmas and Mardi Gras decor.

“A door knocker in the middle of the door is no problem. Instead of using a metal over-the-door wreath hanger, hang your wreath on the knocker, bringing attention to the oft-neglected lower half.” – Elizabeth Doyle and Kim Lowe

Get the Look

Build off a wide garland base
Christmas garland makes a great, sturdy base for added embellishments. Use floral wire to secure items to the garland.

Reuse decorations
Painting items, such as pinecones, will preserve them from one season to the next.

Gather what is in season
For fall, think gourds, pumpkins and leaves.

Mix textures
Using different textiles gives an added depth.

Make large clusters beforehand
If you’re adding large clusters to the garland, make them ahead of time — in the air conditioning!

Where they sourced
Ribbons: Al’s 5 &10 | Burlap: Al’s 5 &10 | Pinecones: Their backyard | Magnolia Leaves: Their backyard | Cypress Clippings: Their backyard | Pheasant Feathers: eBay | Corn & Husks: Etsy

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