Ellen Erwin & Philip Talbot

Engagement date

April 26, 2011

Wedding date

June 9, 2012

Ceremony location

Central Church of Christ, Saraland, Ala.

Reception location

The Kirk House and Gardens, Axis, Ala.

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How we met

Philip and I grew up going to school together at Mobile Christian School and have been best friends since middle school. Our friends (and even teachers) always kidded that we flirted, but we managed to ignore it for years. Finally, we came to our senses at the end of our senior year of high school, began dating and have been completely happy ever since!

How he proposed

We had both been extremely busy during much of our spring semester at Harding University in Searcy, Ark., so we were glad to spend the afternoon of our three year anniversary together. That morning, Philip told me to be ready to go by 2 p.m. in shorts and tennis shoes, so I had my fingers crossed for a fishing trip! Luckily when I met up with him, he had a friend's boat hitched up and a picnic packed for us. We made it to the lake, and things couldn't have gone worse for Philip. He was a nervous wreck and could barely remember how to launch a boat, most importantly, forgetting to put the plug in the bottom! Some kind strangers helped us out, and despite all of the water in the boat, we finally got on our way. When we reached a certain area of Bald Knob Lake, he told me to get out and fish off a certain part of the bank while he emptied the water from the boat. As soon as he made it to the bank, he asked me to come look at this “weird tree” he'd found. I completely brushed him off multiple times until he finally coaxed me over. He had carved into the tree “Will you marry me? Yes or No.” I was completely shocked but managed to say yes!


Cakes: Cakes by Judi
Caterer: Stagecoach Cafe
Photographer: True Self Photography

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