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A new trend in the fashion world is stopping customers in the streets. Boutique trucks are popping up along the Gulf Coast, bringing the latest looks right to you. The concept is simple: see the truck parked along the street, walk in,  and walk out with the hottest new clothing and accessories. The trucks are even equipped with a dressing room to ensure you find the perfect fit. Here, get to know the three local boutiques who are mobilizing fashion around the Bay area.

The Wandering Lilly


The Wandering Lilly

Thanks to The Wandering Lilly, you don't have to wander very far to find the latest fashion trends in Daphne. “I was inspired by a close friend of mine who lives in a bigger city to look into opening a fashion truck, ” says owner Joanna Almond. “I have always wanted to own my own store, but wanted to be flexible so I could spend more time at home with my daughter, Lilly. That's where the name came from!” The Wandering Lilly sells contemporary women's clothing and jewelry made by local vendors. “If you leave the truck loving how you look in a new outfit, then I’ve done my job, ” Almond says. Find the truck parked at various locations around the Eastern Shore, or book it for your own private party. 
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Polish Boutique

The Polish Boutique truck evolved from sisters Amber and Mandy Forbes’ Polish Boutique in Bel Air Mall. The Forbes sisters searched for nearly six months to find the perfect truck that would fit their needs and take their clothes straight to the consumer. “We finally located one and bought it this past March and began the reconstruction process of turning the truck into a boutique on wheels, ” says Amber. The merchandise sold in their truck is made for an even wider variety of customers than the Bel Air Mall location. “We try to carry clothing and accessories that will 'Polish' any type of customer, ” Amber says. The truck parks in various spots around Mobile and at events and festivals like LoDa ArtWalk. “Our favorite is house parties though, they always seem to be the most fun place to park!” 
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Bottega Collection 

Bottega Collection

Bottega Collection is the hottest new addition to the local fashion truck scene. Bottega started out as an online boutique,  then began selling merchandise at the Urban Emporium on Dauphin Street last year. After completing an impressive truck renovation just a few weeks ago, the boutique now sells merchandise from a fun, brightly-patterned fashion truck. According to owner Mandee Conkle, the truck evolved from a fleeting idea: “‘Wow, it'd be really cool to do that' turned in to driving to LA to buy an old Mac tools truck and converting it in to a fully functioning mobile retail space, ” says Conkle. Bottega's style is simple, classic ladies clothing. “I buy for women as young as 16 all the way up to styles that are more conservative for ladies in to their 60’s, ” says Conkle. So where can you find them? Bottega Collection’s truck parks at local events around the Bay area, but Conkle also plans to move to nearby cities for events and private parties, such as girls’ nights and fundraisers. Online | Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Text by Jacquelyn Saunée

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