It’s Geometric


ABOVE LEFT An eye-catching, whimsical invitation (The Paper Menu) sums up the party theme. Confetti poppers (EllenJAY Events) are exciting favors for your guests to celebrate the occasion. Bonus, the fun gadgets also make for a cute exit for the bride and groom after their reception.

ABOVE RIGHT Chocolate-covered fortune cookies (EllenJAY Events) in take-out boxes serve as unique gifts for guests.

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ABOVE Make the pick-me-ups even more personal by customizing the fortunes inside to include the date of the wedding or a sweet message for the bride and groom.

ABOVE Sushi (Bamboo) makes for tasty, savory apps for the ladies and gents. Order a wide variety of rolls so there’s something to please every partygoer.


ABOVE LEFT Forgo the standard circular-style cake and opt for a square-shaped one instead. Fondant triangles and hexagons in alternating colors make the confection a bold focal point for the dessert table.

ABOVE RIGHT Other goodies, such as geometric print cookies, white chocolate confetti bark, yummy cocktails and paper cones filled with homemade caramel popcorn make for an eclectic mix.

ABOVE A candy-filled serving dish is a festive holder for cones of homemade caramel popcorn.

ABOVE Serve guests a variety of fruity libations. To prepare, fill cup with ice, add ingredients and stir. Recipes yield one drink each. Garnish with skewer stirrers laced with colored gumballs.

1 shot of Bacardi Wolf Berry Rum – 1/2 cup of lemonade – splash of Blue Curacao liqueur

1 shot of Absolut Hibiscus Vodka – 1/2 cup blue Hawaiian Punch

2 shots of Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka – 1/2 cup of Sprite – splash of grenadine


ABOVE LEFT A rickrack pattern jazzes up a white, structured cocktail dress (Francesca’s).

ABOVE RIGHT A gingham shirt (G. Harvell Men’s Clothier) and checkered tie (G. Harvell Men’s Clothier) combination will make the groom stand out from the crowd.


ABOVE Chunky jewelry (Francesca’s) and suede color-blocked sandals (Shoefly) add pops of color to the bride-to-be’s attire.

Nailed It

Incorporating an intricate design onto your fingernails is super popular. Follow these five simple steps to recreate the look at home.

1. Choose your colors. For a bold statement, opt for contrasting hues, but for something more subtle, stick with two shades in the same family.

2. Using your primary color, paint your nails as normal. Applying two or three coats works best, depending on the brand of polish. Let them dry completely.

3. Lightly apply a strip of Scotch tape to each nail at the desired angle. Leave the part of your nail that you want to be the secondary color exposed.

4. Paint the exposed part of your nail with the secondary color, using the tape as a guideline.
Apply two or three coats of polish to each nail. Then remove the pieces of tape. Let the secondary color dry completely.

5. Once dry, apply a clear top-coat polish to your entire nail. Allow to dry completely, and you are good to go!


Bamboo • 3662 Airport Blvd. 378-5466
Charles Wood Japanese Garden • 900 Forest Hill Drive. 343-4509
ellenJAY Events • 2158 Airport Blvd. 219-7406.
Francesca’s • Legacy Village. 342-1959. Bel Air Mall. 471-8044.
G. Harvell Men’s Clothier • 2534 Old Shell Road, Suite B. 344-4200.
The Paper Menu • [email protected]
Shoefly • 4500 Old Shell Road. 414-9911.

text by Mary beth lursen • photos by jennie tewell • styling by ellenjay events • location Charles Wood Japanese Garden

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