Mobile Bay's Top 15 Photos of 2015

ABOVE The Bestor House in Point Clear boasts a history of fast adventures, famous guests and a friendly ghost. Published in “If Walls Could Talk, ” June 2015. Photo by Chad Riley

ABOVE Madeline Gwin models the hottest looks for fall. Published in “Rustic Style, ” October 2015. Photo by Perri Farlow

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ABOVE Get to know the members of B.B. Palmer and Kudzu: Tyler Wallace, Jordan Walker, B.B. Palmer and Josh McKenzie. Published in “Artists You Should Know, ” September 2015. Photo by Matt Cairns

ABOVE Interior designer Natalie Roe lovingly planned her family’s Chatom hunting camp to be cherished by future generations. Published in “Lakeshore: A Hunting Haven, ” November 2015. Photo by Perri Farlow

ABOVE Stillwell Bacon throws his cast net at the Bestor Bay House in Point Clear. Published in “If Walls Could Talk, ” June 2015. Photo by Chad Riley

ABOVE NOLA's Chef John Besh spent the day with the MB staff cooking, teaching, eating and entertaining with his philosophies on food. Published in “Blessings on the Gulf Coast, ” November 2015. Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

ABOVE The Richey family finds the perfect blend of modern and traditional pieces, with plenty of striking fabrics, in their Eastern Shore home. Published in “Fine Prints, ” March 2015. Photo by Summer Ennis

ABOVE Of the many seamarks associated with the Alabama coast, Middle Bay Lighthouse is one of the most distinctive and beloved. Published in “Guiding Light, ” January 2015. Photo by Kathy Hicks

ABOVE The Jeffreys, along with three other families of five,  open their doors to share some of the funny, quirky and hectic moments that come along with life in a large household. Published in “Return of the Big Family, ” September 2015. Photo by Major Adam Colbert

ABOVE McGill-Toolen junior Margaret Ollinger set a pole vaulting record for the state of Alabama with a trip over a bar thirteen feet and 6 inches high. Published in “Wellness Warriors, ” July 2015. Photo by Matthew Coughlin

ABOVE Plucked from our hometown waters, a fresh bounty of plump blue crabs prepared three classic ways makes for fantastic casual summer feasting. Published in “A Blue Crab Jubilee, ” June 2015. Photo by Jennie Tewell

ABOVE Hundreds of homes and historic buildings around the city are emblazoned with prized banner and shield plaques. Architectural historian John S. Sledge shares how homeowners may go about obtaining the coveted designation. Featured in “Marked by Excellence, ” March 2015. Photo by Michael Mastro

ABOVE These generations of relatives take typical family resemblances to a whole new level. Published in “Double Vision, ” December 2015. Photo by Matthew Coughlin

ABOVE Meet Jessie Taylor, the war hero, artist and bodyguard to the King. Published in “The Amazing Life of Jessie Taylor, ” June 2015. Photos by Matthew Wood

ABOVE With the breeze coming off the water and the stunning hues and scents of nature in fall, take the dinner party outside to truly soak in all that the season has to offer. Published in “Autumn Over the Bay, ” October 2015. Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

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