Mobile Bay's Top 15 Photos of 2016

ABOVE Taylor Atchison shares one of his showcase renovation projects: a diminutive, circa 1887, shotgun-style house tucked into a sliver of a lot at the edge of the Oakleigh Garden District. Published in “Project Atchison, ” March 2016. Photo by Elise Poche

ABOVE Model Sarah Jenne shows off the latest in summer fasion with a white lace coverup (Chic Luxe, Seaside Swim) and taupe swimsuit (Laundry by Shelli Segal, Seaside Swim). Oyster shell necklace (Seaside Swim). Turquoise stone and leather bracelet (Vine). Published in “Breezy by the Bay, ” May 2016. Photo by Jennie Tewell

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ABOVE Apprentice pilot Jake Pose studies the Port of Mobile on an outbound vessel. Published in “Ascending the Ladder, ” February 2016. Photo by Jeff Haller

ABOVE George Carleton surveys the Gulf State Park Pier. His cart is loaded down with a slew of essentials for a day of saltwater fishing, including multiple rods, nets, bait and a cooler. Published in “The Pier Pounders, ” June 2016. Photo by Matthew Coughlin

ABOVE White subway tile and a farmhouse sink keep this kitchen clean and classic at the home of Holly and Jonathan McKenzie. Published in “Sibling Structures, ” March 2016. Photo by Summer Ennis

ABOVE Megan and Stephen Wyatt showcase their home, the oldest in Satsuma, with their daughter, Helen, and newborn son, Ellis. The house was ordered out of a Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog in the early 20th century and delivered in parts by rail to Satsuma. Published in “Up in North Mobile, ” April 2016. Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

ABOVE Ono Island is a well known island community, with a beautiful tree-lined boulevard and colorful beachfront houses. Published in “Pioneering Ono, ” August 2016. Photo by James Avera

ABOVE A freshly sheared alpaca locks eyes with the camera at Humming Star Alpacas in Silverhill. Published in “Baldwin Fresh, ” June 2016. Photo by Todd Douglas

ABOVE The blush-hued Isle Dauphine Supper Club, opened in 1957, is a mid-century modern gem, designed by Mobile architect Arch Winter and his team. The cool, retro building has recently undergone revitalization and now houses a restaurant and event space. Published in “Greetings from Dauphin Island, ” July 2016. Photo by Major Adam Colbert

ABOVE Jeremiah Jackson, a junior at St. Luke's Episcopal School, has verbally committed to play for Mississippi State University. After completing college, he hopes to be drafted to a Major League team. Published in “Wonder Kids, ” August 2016. Photo by Matthew Coughlin

ABOVE Baby sea turtles crawl toward light, any light. It may be the reflective glow of ocean waves to safety or electric luminance from inland beach houses to doom. Share the Beach helps baby turtles see the light correctly. Published in “The Great Escape, ” August 2016. 

ABOVE Dana Yance models fall's trendiest looks including camel and brown two-toned suede leggings (ASTARS, Hemline). Beige top (Piko, Hemline). Crimson velvet choker (Frasier Sterling Chokers, Hemline). Rich burgundy fur wrap with pockets (Glamour Wrap Classic Stole, Studio Blu). Published in “Fall on the Farm, ” October 2016. Photo by Wendy Wilson

ABOVE Around Bon Secour, shrimp boats dripping with gauzy green nets are just about as prolific as SUVs. Published in “Small-Town Tours, ” July 2016. Photo by Jill Clair Gentry

ABOVE Blend this frozen toddy using juicy L.A. satsumas or you can substitute any other mandarin available to enjoy this treat all year long. Published in “Olé By The Bay, ” April 2016. Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

ABOVE In Taylor Atchison's renovated kitchen, steel makes a sleek, sexy backsplash with the added impressive feature of being magnetic so favorite flatware is always at the ready. Published in “Project Atchison, ” March 2016. Photo by Elise Poche

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