Mobile Mother and Daughter Shed a Combined 200 Pounds

A Mobile woman and her daughter both lost over 100 pounds with Profile by Sanford.

“I am sick and tired of being this way.”

That is what 29-year-old Shannon Wheat of Mobile, AL, said in a recording she took right before her first Profile by Sanford appointment in January of 2020. About a year later, she made another recording, only this time with a much more positive tone: “I have lost 100.9 pounds! I feel better than ever. Profile has been amazing.”

It was the stress of life and work that caught up with Shannon. “I went to college and did the ‘freshman 15 turned 30,’” she shares. “Then I started working and was eating out every day. I thought it was fine. Nothing wrong. But then I started slowly getting fatigued doing things. My coworker at the time was about 20 years older than me and she was outrunning me on everything. I knew I needed to do something.”

Shannon’s mom was also in search of a weight-loss solution. “She was looking into weight-loss surgeries,” Shannon shares. “When her insurance didn’t go through for the surgery, she started looking at other options.” Around that same time, a woman from their church posted about Profile. “So, Mom went in for the health consultation and then she told me about it,” Shannon recalls. The pair decided then and there to join Profile together.

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It wasn’t easy at first, Shannon admits. “That first week was really hard, but I was determined to make it work,” she shares. And that she did. Today, Shannon attributes her success to her dedication to her meal plan, learning to eat healthy, trying new foods (like veggies), and meeting with a Profile coach on a weekly basis.

“The coaching is a complete game changer,” Shannon says. “Before Profile, I’d try to follow something on my own and I’d give up after a while. With coaching, I knew I had to go see my coach every week and that they were following my results on the scale. They really motivate you. When I hit a plateau or was getting discouraged, they’d remind me, ‘How bad do you want it? Do you want to go back to being tired?’”

Doing the journey with her mom was another source of motivation that kept her going. “I’m real competitive,” Shannon jokes. “I told myself, ‘If my mom is doing this, I’m going to do it with her, and I’m going to outdo her.” Equally thrilled with her own personal success with Profile, Shannon’s mom is currently down 150 pounds and feeling better than ever.

Practically a new woman, Shannon shares she has an entirely new outlook on life these days thanks to Profile. “Mentally I’m like a totally different person,” she says. “I look at pictures from last year and I’m like, ‘Who is that person?’ I have so much more confidence in myself. No matter what comes, I know I can do it. If I’ve lost 100 pounds, I can do anything!”

Before and after snapshots of Shannon Wheat

With a newfound confidence that’s almost palpable, Shannon’s transformation has changed her life in ways that go far beyond the bathroom scale. “I can tell a huge difference when I’m drumming at church,” Shannon shares. “I’m keeping the tempo steady the whole time, whereas before I would get fatigued, and it’d slow me down.” She also does photography and notes how much easier it is to carry around 20-plus pounds of equipment.

Another big change in Shannon’s life centers around her new workout regimen. When Shannon reached 100 pounds lost, her Profile store in Mobile celebrated the milestone and 9Round Fitness gifted her a six-month membership. “I love it,” Shannon gushes. “I never thought I’d be into kickboxing, but it’s a fun challenge. I’ve been going three days a week and hope to eventually up it to four times a week.”

For those looking to lose weight or join a program, Shannon says she seriously encourages giving Profile a try. “Have your mindset prepared that you are going to lose the weight,” she says. “Come into it all in. It’s a process. You have to trust in that process and follow the pace. If you follow the process, it works.”

If you’re interested in joining Profile, right now you can lock in 1-on-1 weight loss coaching for $69/month. Call your Mobile Profile store at 251-263-6568 or visit to learn more.

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