Must-Have Kids’ Room Decor

Whether styling a room for the littlest tots or a trendy teen, you can add some fresh fun with unexpected pieces from local retailers.


White Hot
A modern touch for a modern teen. Lamps are a great way to channel some contemporary style into even the most traditional of rooms. Sarah B. Atchison’s • White stone Lamp • $259

Get the Picture
This abstract print adds a touch of sophistication for a growing girl. Five Gold Monkeys • Abstract Painting • $495

Cushion the Blow
Got extra space in your kid’s room? A soft, squishy pouf can double as a foot prop or an extra seat. Sarah B. Atchison’s • Natural Yarn Pouf • $359

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Child’s Play
Keep even the shortest attention span occupied with unique mobiles that have a touch of whimsy. Collective • Petit Pehr Mobile • $70

Basket Case
Cute containers come in three sizes to store anything from extra diapers to big, fluffy blankets. Collective • Silver Seagrass Basket by Creative Co-Op • $28 for medium

On the Bright Side
This mod lamp is illuminating — and also provides a fun burst of color for any nightstand. Atchison Home • Visual Comfort Turquoise Lamp • $630


If You Mess with the Bull
Every time they walk into a room with steer horns over the bed, boys will be inspired by the Wild West. Antiques at the Loop • Mounted Horns by Paul Dolan • $47

Stretch Your Imagination
Little animals for little ones! Liven up your sleepy nursery with cute prints like these. Ashland Gallery • Nursery Painting by Sarah Haas Otts • $218 framed 

Up the Creek
To add a nautical touch and spice up any solid wall, put some oars in. Antiques at the Loop • Painted Oars by Paul Dolan • $35 – $45

Catch of the Day
The perfect art for the aspiring fisherman who hasn’t yet caught that fish worth mounting. Although wooden, these fish add some life to any boy’s room. Ashland Gallery • Fish by Jim Long • Prices vary depending on size, $80 – $150

Claws are Out
Order the lobster roll — a roll of wallpaper that is! Try adorning your boy’s or girl’s room with one of three fun color options. Vellum & Velvet • Abnormals Anonymous Lobster Wallpaper • $187/yard

Photos by Elizabeth Gelineau


Antiques at the Loop • 28 S Florida St. 476-0309
Ashland Gallery • 2321 Old Shell Rd. 479-3548
Atchison Home • 921 Dauphin St. 438-4800
Collective4513 Old Shell Rd. 656-6368
Five Gold Monkeys • 4350 Old Shell Road #B. 345-3380
Sarah B. Atchison’s • 2602 Old Shell Rd. 473-4086
Vellum & Velvet • 404 Fairhope Ave., Fairhope. 928-5508

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