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What is Mobile known for?

A. THE original West Indies Salad
B. Mardi Gras, duh
C. Being generally awesome
D. All of the above

Is Mobile a good place to live?

A. Does your city have a battleship? How about a yearly average temp of a mild 67 degrees?
B. Two words: Old Dutch
C. No. Unless, of course, you like fresh seafood, beautiful sunsets and historic homes. Then it’s alright.
D. All of the above

How do you pronounce “Mobile?”

A. Moh-bull
B. Moh-beel
C. Moh-bile
D. If you haven’t picked “B” yet, you probably shouldn’t live in this city.

Why does Mobile have a tunnel?

A. Have you ever been to the city or even looked at a map of it? You may have noticed all the water …
B. The folks in Spanish Fort got tired of kayaking to work.
C. It’s an escape route for local hamsters.
D. Hand over your phone. You just lost all Google privileges.

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Why do so many trucks get stuck in the Bankhead Tunnel?

A. Someone stole the 12-foot clearance signs from the entrance.
B. Objects in windshield are larger than they appear, right?
C. Rumor has it, attempting to squeeze through the tunnel is an initiation ritual for new truckers. But you didn’t hear that from us.
D. This search yielded zero logical results. Try Siri.

Why does Mobile drop a MoonPie on New Year’s Eve?

A. To make Little Debbie jealous, of course.
B. It’s a great excuse to have a Mardi Gras parade in December.
C. National media think it’s really cool. Keep tweeting, y’all; we’ll be trending soon. #MoonPieOverMobile
D. All of the above

Why does it rain so much in Mobile?

A. Joe Cain was an avid rain dancer in his spare time.
B. Something has to keep the folks at Government Plaza busy. Too bad tax dollars keep going toward five-gallon buckets.
C. The Gulf of Mexico’s warm water temperature spurs frequent rain and thunderstorms.
D. B and C

Why do jubilees happen along the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay?

A. The sea creatures are trying to make their way to The Grand Hotel for a little R and R.
B. Scaly critters enjoy long walks on the beach too, you know …
C. Fish, crabs and other marine life require a certain level of dissolved oxygen to survive. When oxygen depletion occurs in estuaries like Mobile Bay, aquatic animals move into shallow waters in search of more oxygen.
D. Who cares?! Grab a bucket, and go scoop up some free seafood.

Why is the Senior Bowl played in Mobile?

A. As a result of poor attendance at the inaugural sporting event in Jacksonville, Fla., in 1950, a group of Mobile businessmen, headed by Finley McRae, lured the contest to the Port City where it has flourished ever since.
B. In 1950, a voodoo witch doctor cursed the city of Jacksonville, its officials and its sporting community. As a result, the city lost the rights to the Senior Bowl in 1951 and would eventually be forced to field one of the most notorious perennial losers in all of professional sports, the Jacksonville Jaguars.
C. John Madden, then a young collegiate coach, was an emphatic lover of MoonPies and all things marshmallow. For this reason, he insisted the game be played in a locale where excessive amounts of the delectable treats could be found.
D. Jacksonville’s hospitality during the inaugural game in 1950 was a bit lacking. No city ambassadors decked in antebellum-style dresses? Lame.

Is the leprechaun in Mobile real?

A. Seriously? Did you also ask Google if Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy really exist?
B. Yes, but if you shine a light in its direction, it will suddenly disappear. Trust us.
C. No, it’s just a crackhead that got a hold of the wrong stuff.
D. A, B and possibly C

text by Abby Parrott • illustration by Kelan MERCER

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