The Maitre Family Legacy: Meet Dr. Ship

Founded with a purpose, continued with a legacy

In 1968, a dental practice was founded with a purpose. Dr. Mike Maitre Sr. was raised in Mobile, Alabama. After two years in the air force, he was ready to re-plant his roots in his hometown and focus on his dental career. Beginning with a hope and a prayer of receiving even just a few patients, the practice now consists of three dentists, more than 20 staff members and over 9,000 active patients.

The reason for growth: Dr. Maitre Sr.’s mission and foundation. His practice was founded on the value of treating patients with the highest standard of care. In simpler terms, he treated patients the way he would want to be treated. His process began with getting to know each patient, listening to their concerns and addressing those concerns with personalized care.

The Maitre family legacy is sustained in the level of patient care. Family dentistry means more than treating dental needs for patients and their family members – it goes a step further for the Maitre and Crabtree dental practice. They treat patients as if they were family members and have their best interest at heart.

Dr. Ship Maitre is proud to carry on his father’s legacy through his work in the dental industry. His mission and values parallel with that of his father’s. “Before patients can get to know me, they have to start with an overall positive experience. It starts with a friendly voice on the phone, then being greeted with a smile when they walk through the door each time. From there, we turn to our diagnostic and treatment capabilities. Our office offers the highest quality technology in the form of digital radiographs, high definition photography, CBCT (3D imaging), digital intraoral scanning, same-day crowns, digital models of the teeth and CBCT-guided dental implant placement. We combine the necessary technology to make a diagnosis and offer the best possible treatment options. Ultimately, this leads to the best, most-desired treatment outcomes for my patients.”

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The emotional worth of a smile can hardly be measured. Dr. Ship’s passion for what he does ignites his drive to help people look and feel their best. Oftentimes, that comes with a newfound sense of confidence in his patients. In his words, “What I love about dentistry, above all things, is the ability to help people. From restoring a single tooth to recreating someone’s entire dentition, I can have a positive influence in someone’s life. That’s what it is all about. So many of us are blessed in so many ways. Those gifts are wasted if not used to be a blessing to others. Many people are in a profession that they prefer. I feel so blessed that I’m in a profession for which I have a true passion.”

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