The Perfect Outdoor Living Room Recipe

Purchasing the right mix of outdoor furniture to make a beautiful space can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get caught buying sets of furniture that are too “matchy matchy” instead of curated to blur the line between indoors and out. This quick and easy furniture buying recipe will create the perfect space for summer entertaining.

Rug (optional) – (NOTE: I only recommend buying a rug if your outdoor living area is covered from the elements. If your living area isn’t under a roof, omit the rug!) Purchase a rug that will allow at least the front legs of your furniture to rest upon. 8’x10’ is a standard go-to size for me. Neutral color is good, but don’t be afraid to purchase a rug with a good pattern or soft color.

Sofa or loveseat – Depending on the side of your space, choose a sofa or loveseat of neutral color with classic shape and place it on one end of the rug (or your outdoor living space if you don’t have a rug).

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Two club chairs – Choose two club chairs. They should be comfortable and match each other but not match the sofa. The style of the chairs should BLEND with the sofa, but not be the exact same color or style. Place chairs on the opposite side of the sofa or loveseat.

Coffee table – Coffee tables are the perfect spot to place a drink, light a candle or even prop your feet to relax. A coffee table is a great opportunity to add a touch of metallic, so look for a style and type of metal that you would like to use as an accent color. Place this table in the center of the sofa and club chairs.

Side Table – Every seat should have a place to set a drink, and a side table is a great way to add a convenient place for that purpose. It’s also the perfect way to add an accent color to the space. Situate the table on one side of the sofa or next to one of the club chairs.

Container with plants – A live plant adds texture and a green neutral tone to your new outdoor living area. Choose plants that are easy to care for like philodendron, ferns or snake plant. Place the plant on one side of the sofa, opposite the side table.

Accessories – Pillows, candles and fairy lights are all ways to show your style as it is right now. We all like to experiment with new trends, and accessories are the place to express the style you love right now without having to redesign the whole space if your tastes change. Remember to style in groups of three. Try a group of three items on the coffee table, like a flower, a candle and a plant. It will liven up the space and make it feel like an interior space!

Catherine Arensberg is an exterior designer who specializes in finding ways to create your ultimate outdoor space, no matter the budget. Browse more of her work here:

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