Tips for a Rainy Wedding Day

In a city known for its annual precipitation, it’s a good idea to have the right plan — and perspective — in place.

Rain could not dampen newlyweds Victoria and Nicholas Taylor’s wedding day bliss. Photo by Wendy Wilson

Few things strike fear in a bride’s heart like the threat of wedding day rain. Port City natives know that even the sunniest days can give way to drizzling gray skies. “It’s Mobile, so things can change on a dime,” says local wedding planner Melanie Zoghby Cummins. “Most of the brides that I’ve dealt with accept that the rain is coming and move on.”

“Moving on” is achieved by remaining focused on the sole purpose of the joyous occasion. It also means relying on your professional support team to do what they do best. Cummins says that during inclement weather, everyone from the caterer to the florist pulls together to do anything from mopping floors to blow-drying linens. “We move heaven and earth to make things happen,” she says.

And that includes wedding day photos, some of the best of which are images of the couple dodging drops together. For photographer Wendy Wilson, rainy day weddings remind her of one couple in particular, Victoria and Nicholas Taylor. Wilson recalls of the bride, “It brought me to tears to see how full of joy she was to be getting married, rain or shine.”

“It may have rained, but it made it more emotional and intimate. [The rain] symbolized God’s presence pouring blessings upon us.”  Victoria Taylor

Rain Plan Checklist

Wedding planner Melanie Zoghby Cummins suggests keeping the following in mind as you plan your Mobile Bay wedding.

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Tents. If you have placed a hold on a tent for your outdoor event, you will need to make a firm rental commitment within about two weeks prior to your wedding. Remember — catering  and seating can be moved inside quickly; the multipiece band cannot. Always tent the band.

Backup shoes. Puddles, soggy grass and mud make for a tricky trek in heels. Pack a pair of sensible flats to make skittering from place to place easier.  

Makeup and hair accessories. Raindrops can wreak havoc on hair and makeup. Having tissues, foundation and powder, and a comb and bobby pins on hand will assure you’re picture perfect at any given moment.

Umbrellas — for everyone. With a little advanced planning, colorful or coordinating umbrellas can be placed at the ceremony for guests’ use during unsuspected downpours. For the bride, groom and wedding party, clear or white ruffled umbrellas are a dressier option.

Towels. A handful of old towels come in handy when wiping down outdoor seating or dabbing up a puddle that’s accumulated inside a doorway. (And in a pinch, a towel can be turned into a makeshift poncho.)

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