Video: Best Kept Secret for Southern Porches

Exterior Designer Catherine Arensberg walks us through her discovery of the perfect screening for her evolving outdoor living space.

Our outdoor living space has been evolving for over a year as we continue to make it a space that reflects our lifestyle of living and entertainment. We’ve used it enough throughout the year that several still-yet-to-be-resolved pain points that needed addressing became evident. One of these pain points was the low West afternoon sun beaming into the space as we watched football during the fall and BURNING OUR NECKS in the summer as we hung out in the covered space. We had tried curtains in the past, but they weren’t a great solution. I knew that I wanted to install screens.

I found some inexpensive ones on Amazon but quickly realized they weren’t meant for outdoors and especially weren’t meant to be installed near a salt pool. They also aren’t custom, meaning I’d have to choose a size they offered that was close to what we needed but wouldn’t truly fit correctly in our space. If I wanted this outdoor space to truly be an entertainment and living space done right, custom retractable screens were what we needed to do. No doubt, these aren’t an inexpensive option, but I have been blown away by how incredibly functional they have been for us.

I recommend Phantom 1000x over from the sales team to the installation, and choosing a color and type of screen for our family’s needs, the process was smooth and easy. Watch this video to find out many more reasons why these screens were the right choice for our outdoor living space!

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Catherine Arensberg is an exterior designer who specializes in finding ways to create your ultimate outdoor space, no matter the budget. Learn more here:

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