Video: How to Choose a Pool Plaster Color

Of all the decisions to make while renovating our exterior living spaces, pool plaster color has been one of the toughest. It’s a permanent choice – at least for the next decade or more. It’s also the most expensive project in our outdoor area to date, so we want to make sure we’re getting it right.

So, how did we narrow down our options? We considered how it looks in shallow water, deep water, how it will feel when you sit on the steps, if it’ll pick your bathing suit, if it’ll give soft baby toes abrasions and how the color will affect how hot the pool gets in the summer months (darker colors make pools heat up faster). Yep, we considered all the things, and today’s video will guide you through the thought process so you can make the right choice for your pool plaster makeover/install.

Catherine Arensberg is an exterior designer who specializes in finding ways to create your ultimate outdoor space, no matter the budget. Learn more here:

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