Video: How to Make Your TV Look Like Art

Those big blank black rectangles that hang on the wall have long bothered me. You know the one – the modern flat screen TV? They take up SO much space and aren’t visually appealing AT ALL. I’ve contemplated covering them with some sort of piece of art that could open when we wanted to watch TV, along with a million other ideas. But then it hit me – why not build a frame around it? I could use a screensaver with one of my favorite artist’s work and make it look like it was an intentional piece of art. 

This is by far one of my favorite DIYs to date. It was easy to build and transformed the wall from an eyesore to a place to contemplate a painted landscape. We measured, cut, painted and hung the frame all in one day – and you can too! Check out the video to see how we did it and how you can make your own.

Catherine Arensberg is an exterior designer who specializes in finding ways to create your ultimate outdoor space, no matter the budget. Learn more here:

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