Video: How to Waterproof Outdoor Curtains

Exterior designer Catherine Arensberg shares an easy tip for keeping your outdoor fabrics looking their best.

Outdoor curtains are beautiful but can seem impractical in our environment of constantly humid air that causes them to mold and mildew FAST. I recently discovered a product that has completely blown my mind, and I wanted to share it with you because I can assure you it’s a must-have for your outdoor fabrics.

Grangers Wash and Repel is meant for making jackets and other rainy or snowy day clothing items waterproof but it works like a charm on outdoor curtains and fabrics! The video below shows the before and after of the outdoor curtains I use for my new outdoor space. Here is a link to the product.

Catherine Arensberg is an exterior designer who specializes in finding ways to create your ultimate outdoor space, no matter the budget. Learn more here:

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