Weekend Getaway: Eat, Shop and Explore in Ridgeland, Mississippi

Top-notch restaurants, trendy shops and gorgeous scenery make Ridgeland the perfect destination for your next trip.

Inside and out, Ridgeland is charming and designed to delight. There’s an undeniable energy that makes it hard to sit still when fresh air and friendly locals are around each turn. It’s not just a place to get away from everyday life, but a place where everyday life is enriched with outdoor recreation, an abundance of shopping and dining and Brand Hotels, all committed to safety pledges.

For today’s traveler, sight-seeing is one thing, a safe experience is another, and in Ridgeland, you will find just that. Take the 33,000-acre Barnett Reservoir, offering 105 miles of shoreline, bordered in Ridgeland by the Natchez Trace Parkway, a National Park where hikers, bikers and cyclists wind through wooded trails. Take the fabulous fine arts and crafts of over 400 leading Mississippi and Southeast artisans who showcase their work at the distinctive Bill Waller Craft Center that sits just off the Natchez Trace, making it easily accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. And take the window shopping: There’s plenty to see at the state’s premier retail hub, and wait until you feast your eyes on your choices of delectable dining establishments. 

For those who want to savor a memorable, mouthwatering, multi-sensory experience, Ridgeland more than fits the bill. Within a mere 17-mile radius, Ridgeland has managed to capture and capitalize on stunning outdoor scenery in a city that lacks for no cosmopolitan amenity. Consider Ridgeland’s extraordinary combination of assets: 

Greater Outdoors

In addition to the Barnett Reservoir and the Natchez Trace Parkway, Ridgeland offers multi-purpose trails crisscrossing the city and outstanding marina facilities. Ridgeland has snagged both the Bike Friendly City honor by the League of American Cyclists and designation as the state’s Best Waterfront. Whether you’re a casual cruiser or a hardcore BMX competitor, whether you like to swim, boat, water ski, kayak, or fish, Ridgeland is the place to play. 

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Delectable Dining

Ridgeland’s dining scene offers a passport to cuisine from around the globe. Ridgeland boasts world-class quality that can be savored thanks to the work of some of the nation’s best chefs. Together, great food and unrivaled hospitality are the ingredients that make Ridgeland the satisfaction-guaranteed choice for gatherings of all kinds. 

Retail Adventure

Exclusive boutiques, big-box favorites and everything in between, Ridgeland satisfies shopping desires on every level. From the Old World ambience and elegance of Renaissance at Colony Park and Old Town Railroad District to the ever-vibrant Northpark and The Township. In fact, the Ridgeland Retail Trail puts over a dozen inviting and value-packed promenades and squares on your map. X marks the treasures and the great shopping experiences!

When it comes to events, Ridgeland doesn’t disappoint. October 10, 2020, welcomes the European Automobile and Motorcycle Show, and you’ll want to save the date for May 1-2, 2021, for the Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival. 

Ridgeland isn’t just a place to see; it’s a place to experience, Inside + Out.

Learn more at visitridgeland.com, #VisitMSResponsibly

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