10 Signs You’re at a Mobile Bay Wedding

You might be at a local wedding if…

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

1. It’s been raining all day, but that doesn’t seem to faze the bride, groom or any of their local guests. (Isn’t this the purpose of second-line umbrellas?)

2. The wedding date and time was determined by the SEC football schedule.

3. Some part of the bride’s ensemble, whether it’s her veil, dress or bouquet, is adorned with lace, most likely of the family heirloom variety.

4. At the reception, you strike up a conversation with some distant relative you never knew you had.

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5. There are customized huggers for all of the wedding party functions.

6. The couple’s new monogram is everywhere –the invitations, church doors, wedding cake, napkins, even the dance floor.

7. The buffet-style menu is an everyday jubilee of seafood dishes. Three words: shrimp and grits.

8. The groom’s cake features sugary recreations of his college alma mater’s mascot.

9. Those classy ladies who were leaving the ceremony in high heels are now breakin’ it down barefoot-style on the dance floor at the reception. You, too, are glistening profusely but can’t seem to stop dancing.

10. You can skip that high school reunion because you are having one right now.

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