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Mallory Boykin

Mallory Boykin

How to be the Best Bridesmaid

You’re in a bridesmaid’s dress, so you already stand out in a wedding day crowd. Here, find some tips to make sure you don’t end up being the talk of the wedding party (in all the wrong ways).

What to See & Do in our Great City

Film & TV SEE IT Catch next year’s Oscar winners and best foreign flicks at the Fairhope Film Festival on Nov. 12 - 15. The four-day event...

A Toast to Beertails

   Saint Amber (left), Gulf Coast Sunrise (right) 1. Saint Amber This orange and pineapple infused Rye Rotbier from Serda Brewing Co. especially shines when paired with fresh seafood dishes, such as...

A Girl for All Seasons

For twists on conventional wedding day looks, draw style inspiration from winter, spring, summer and fall.

South on the Rise

THEN Even when the school opened back in 1964, its founders were always looking toward future expansion. Here, USA founding president Dr. Frederick P. Whiddon looks over plans for campus...

Ranch-Style Revival

Designer Brittany Fleming remodeled her fixer-upper into the perfect starter home full of wow factor.

Designer Dynamo

Ever since she was a little girl growing up on the Gulf Coast, Smith Sinrod, 29, has drawn inspiration from the closets of the women around...

10 Signs You’re at a Mobile Bay Wedding

In honor of our Bridal Issue, we’re sharing a list of 10 tell-tale signs you are at a Mobile Bay wedding. Spoiler – SEC football schedules may be involved.

Free Your Inner Artist

The Bay area features an exceptionally broad canvas of visual and performance arts offerings for all tastes and skill levels. Here, find 31 unintimidating ways to explore...

Resale Revival

TIP 1: Pick classic, structured pieces and have them tailored to fit you. Because consignment shops are so affordable, you can splurge on alterations so that your clothes...

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