Resale Revival

TIP 1: Pick classic, structured pieces and have them tailored to fit you. Because consignment shops are so affordable, you can splurge on alterations so that your clothes flatter every curve.

ABOVE Moss green dress (J.Jill, Hertha’s Second Edition). Gold belt (Hertha’s Second Edition). Brooches, floral earrings, gold bracelet and pink rings (Very Vintage). Floral-print pumps and gold cuff (Pepe’s Consignment Boutique).


TIP 2: Know your labels. “Be aware of name brands and know the going price, ” recommends Melanie Leight of Pepe’s Consignment Boutique. Resale shops offer used designer pieces for a steal.

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ABOVE LEFT Blush cocktail dress (Lela Rose, Hertha’s Second Edition). Butterfly and ladybug brooches and floral bangle (Very Vintage). Brassy gold and pink enamel bangles and nude pumps (Plato’s Closet). Chanel logo earrings (Hertha’s Second Edition). Floral fascinator (Lunatix & Co.). ABOVE RIGHT Floral blazer (Clover Canyon, Hertha’s Second Edition). Necklace and black shirt (her own).


TIP 3: Keep an eye out for statement accessories. “And get to know the people who work at the shops, so they’ll guide you to the best items, ” says Sherry Granberry of Hertha’s Second Edition.

ABOVE LEFT Yellow lace tank (Plato’s Closet). Tortoise shell necklace, triangle gemstone earrings and green bracelets (Hertha’s Second Edition). Wooden bangles and Versace tortoise shell sunglasses (Pepe’s Consignment Boutique). ABOVE RIGHT Fuchsia polka dot blouse (Plato’s Closet). Floral print skirt (Lilly Pulitzer, Hertha’s Second Edition). Tortoise shell necklace, gold cuff and turquoise ring (Pepe’s Consignment Boutique). Green Converse sneakers (Plato’s Closet). Chanel earrings (Hertha’s Second Edition).

TIP 4: Know your style and what fits you well. “What one person may think is outdated, someone else might find retro and cool, ” Leight says. 

RIGHT Whisper gray top (Pepe’s Consignment Boutique). Plum pencil skirt (Lunatix & Co.). Green pearl necklace and light pink pendant (Very Vintage). Bangles (her own). Citron ring (Pepe’s Consignment Boutique).

Special Thanks

From lush hanging plants to vibrant potted florals, Zimlich’s Patio and Garden Center has everything to make your home’s landscape breathtaking. Plus, their friendly staff is always happy to answer customers’ horticultural questions.

Zimlich’s Patio And Garden Center • 
2650 Dauphin St. 478-1484. 


Hertha’s Second Edition • 4358 Old Shell Road. 517-1197. 330 Fairhope Ave. 928-4866. 
Lunatix & Co. • 662 Springhill Ave.
Pepe’s Consignment Boutique
5401 Cottage Hill Rd. 661-1900. 
Plato’s Closet • 3653 Airport Blvd. 461-0704. 
Very Vintage • Inside Five Gold Monkeys, 4350 Old Shell Road. 344-4051. Inside Urban Emporium, 260 Dauphin St. 690-4949.

text and styling by Mallory Boykin • photos by Jennie Tewell makeup by Courtney Matthews • model Noel Fontaine

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