10 Wedding Trends We Love

The devil’s in the details when planning the perfect wedding. Here, follow this year’s wedding trends from the dress to the party for a breeze of an engagement.


Between Pinterest, inspiration boards and good old-fashioned family input, wedding ideas bombard brides from many directions. And then, of course,   there’s the budget to consider. Simplify the selection. Here are the trends we are obsessed with now.

For the Bride

Some looks never go out of style, but 2017 promises more than a few emerging bridal fashion trends.

From lace and appliques to 3-D buds and watercolor patterns, floral gowns add a touch of natural femininity to the occasion. The natural design is especially fitting for a classic, outdoor Southern wedding or a charming garden reception. No wonder this trend continues to grow in popularity.

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Whether the venue dictates covering the shoulders or you just want to keep the chill away, capes and sleeves are in. Barely-there lacy capes or gauzy tulle flutter sleeves evoke a weightless, almost bohemian vibe.

The era of perfectly coiffed hairdos has passed. Now, more brides prefer natural styles that embrace a laid-back attitude. Loose braids, waves and even minimalist styles can be lovely and whimsical, yet sophisticated enough for your big day.


To have and to hold

Let’s face it: floral arrangements and decor can get expensive. If oodles of fresh blooms aren’t in your budget, consider alternatives to the traditional.

Pages from a cherished childhood book can be folded into flower shapes to make unique, textural blooms. For brides in academia, pages from a dissertation or research journal work just as well. It’s inexpensive, meaningful and sustainable.

Crafty brides can create faux flowers with burlap, lace and ribbons for a tactile, on-trend bouquet. These “buds” can seamlessly connect to the rest of the wedding decor.

Elegant calligraphy and hand lettering is still au courant. It will continue to pop up on chalkboard reception markers, invitations and even cake toppers.

Party On!

After the vows are exchanged and you and your new hubby have smooched, it’s time to let loose at a party no one will want to leave!

While many couples still opt to take their photos just before or after the nuptials, some have discovered that waiting a week or two alleviates stress and saves time. Not only do you not have to worry about damaging the dress, but it can free up as much as an hour to party at your reception. Waiting also allows you to venture outside of your venue for a picturesque photo location.

In a bid for more free-form receptions, formal toasts have faded in popularity. If there’s an anecdote that simply must be shared, opt for toasts at your rehearsal dinner instead. Your closer family and friends will appreciate it more in an intimate setting, anyway.

Every woman knows that the right pair of shoes can make the outfit. (Just ask Cinderella!) So it makes sense that brides have begun showing their personalities or adding a bit of flair with their wedding day slippers. Designer splurges are a classic choice. (Think Jimmy Choos and Manolos.) But brightly hued pumps can be a fun way to introduce color to your ensemble and coordinate with your maids. And, if comfortable, dance floor-friendly footwear is your priority, charming Chuck Taylors or Keds are a must.

Wedding hashtags are all the rage. Since your guests will be snapping away on their smartphones all night, hashtags become an easy way to group all of those photos together into a digital photo album. Stuck on figuring out your perfect tag? Click here for tips on how to create an inventive one for your perfect day.

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