3 Garden Ideas to Love

Garden inspiration can come from anywhere, but this Spring Hill sanctuary is just begging for imitation.

“I have remarked your fondness for flowers; cultivate it always; they are evangels of purity and faith, if we but unlock our hearts to their ministry.” – Mobile author Augusta Evans (1835 – 1909), “Macaria” Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

1. Living Wall
Creeping fig, a fast-growing climber, adds a living tapestry to any garden wall or structure and can be the perfect solution for an unsightly backdrop. Considering its remarkable growth rate, The plant will likely require some pruning after a few years. Wall-Mounted asparagus ferns add another layer of depth.

2. The Sound of Water
There are many reasons to include a water feature in your garden: the soothing sound it creates, the design and texture it brings to a space, the wildlife it attracts. This stately fountain checks all three of those boxes. Low-Maintenance, relaxing and reminiscent of a Garden all’italiana? Sign us up.

3. Dwarf Gardenias
This miniature version of the Southern Favorite is the perfect option for a garden with low borders or limited space. With the same intoxicating fragrance of a full-sized Gardenia, the 2- to 3-foot-high shrub is suitable for both garden beds and containers and thrives in well-draining soil and partial shade.

And don’t forget! Adding a place to sit in your yard instantly creates an outdoor room that can become your relaxing refuge!

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