Artificial Turf is Making a Comeback

We’ve all joked from time to time about how much maintenance a lawn requires, and threaten to tear it all up, roll out some astroturf, and live like the Brady Bunch. But then we imagine all the scraped and bloody elbows and knees from the rough texture of the stuff, and cringe at the fact that astroturf just LOOKS like plastic carpet. Artificial turf, or ‘faux turf’ as it’s now called, has come a long way from the Brady Bunch days. The turf available these days is a realistic color green with pieces of brown included to simulate thatch, and is softer to fall on than the old stuff.  In fact, it might be just the right answer to a multitude of design dilemmas if you:

Can’t grow grass: If you’ve tried to grow grass under a giant tree, have terrible soil, or a pet that constantly digs and you just can’t get grass to survive, faux grass may be for you. You can even plant it alongside real grass and trees if you only have a couple trouble spots.

Have Allergies: If you are allergic to grass and need an alternative that looks pretty but won’t make you sneeze or itch, faux turf may be for you.

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Want a lawn close to your pool: If you own a pool and every time you cut grass, clippings get tossed into the pool, faux turf may be for you.

Hate maintaining a lawn but love how grass looks: If you’re out own town a lot or are physically unable to cut grass but you love the idea of a nice, evenly trimmed, green lawn year round, faux turf may be for you.

Want a backyard putting green: If you’ve thought about installing a putting green in your yard for practicing at your leisure, faux grass is definitely for you.  

Love grass in your pathway design: If you love the look of pathways of stone or pavers with beautiful green grass in between, faux grass is for you. Maintaining real grass in between the cracks of a walkway is a major headache so faux turf is definitely the best option for you.

Artificial turf is now pretty widely available online and in local big box stores if you prefer to DIY the job.  Make sure to do some research on which type will be best for you, and call a local landscape contractor if you feel like the install requires a professional. 

Catherine Arensberg is an exterior designer who specializes in finding ways to create your ultimate outdoor space, no matter the budget. Browse more of her work here:

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