Bay Stumpers

1. How many vehicles crossed the Cochrane Bridge on its first day?

2. When and where was the first modern street pavement in Mobile?

3. When and where was the first exchange phone installed in Mobile?

4. What was Bayou La Batre’s original name?

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5. What is Cobb’s Light?

6. Does the cannon at the Loop weigh more or less than 17, 000 pounds?

7. A Naval strategy known as the Haystack Concept is credited to what former McGill student?

8. Who sang: “In the heat of the day down in Mobile, Alabama / Working on the railroad with the steel driving hammer”?

9. What was the Tenderloin District?

10. What was the CSS Selma?

11. True/False: The Lost Cause Minstrels was the name of Jimmy Buffett’s first band.

12. Put these events in order of occurrence:
• Bellingrath Garden opens.
• The Cochrane Bridge across Mobile Bay opens.
• The first Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo is held.

13. What was the name of the oil well that erupted in Citronelle in 1955?

14. Who was “Tum-te-tum”?

15. What significant event occurred on May 4, 1865, in Citronelle?

16. What’s wrong with this picture?

17. What Mobilian was given the first public funeral for an African American in New York City in 1919?

18. Who were the Pelican Girls?

19. What is Mobile’s connection to former Russian leader Peter the Great?

20. Who was the first passenger on the inaugural electrically powered streetcar in Mobile? BONUS: Who was the first manager of the electric street car system?


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