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Tag: Ask McGehee

Ask McGehee: Was Mobile’s electric plant once destroyed by an explosion?

Local historian Tom McGehee gives the full story behind the explosion that took place at Mobile Electric Lighting Company in February 1919.
Washington Square fountain

Ask McGehee: What is the history of Mobile’s Washington Square?

Washington Square is one of Mobile's most beloved parks and is surrounded by some of the finest examples of 19th-century architecture.

Ask McGehee

What Downtown luxury hotel burned, just before opening its doors?

Ask McGehee

What do you know about the Mobilian who worked with Thomas Edison?

Ask McGehee

What caused a bay boat to explode at Point Clear in the summer of 1871?

Ask McGehee

When did Alcoa operate in Mobile?

Ask McGehee

What is Mobile’s beer brewing history?

Ask McGehee

Did Mobile really have a nutria rodeo?

Ask McGehee

What is the history of Hartwell Field, and was it Mobile’s first baseball park?

Ask McGehee

Who was the Catholic bishop credited with keeping hurricanes from striking Mobile?

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