Berry Yummy

1. Cobbler gobbler

Blackberries are in season, and there’s no better way to binge on them than with a flaky cobbler. A made-from-scratch pastry crust lines the bottom, and a hot, syrupy filling from locally-sourced blackberries, sugar and vanilla makes up the core. Finally, it is topped with another crust and baked to golden perfection.

Burris Farm Market • 3100 N. Hickory St., Loxley. 964-6464.

2. Get your fill

When Mary Scarcliff makes her popular blueberry turnovers, she bakes her homemade puff pastry at a lower temp for slightly longer to create the crispiest, fluffiest crust. The gooey filling (“the best of the best, ” as Scarcliff says) is all fruit with a strong, sweet blueberry flavor and just a hint of tang. 

Lighthouse Bakery • 919 Chaumont Ave., Dauphin Island. 861-2253

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3. Breezy on the Rocks

This delicious drink packs an even bigger punch as it includes only sustainable ingredients. For the Blue Island Breeze, L.A. Berry blueberries are muddled with fresh lemon, sweet and sour mix, blue Curaçao Liqueur and locally  made 27 Springs Vodka and poured into a sugar-rimmed glass. The result is a sweet, bright cocktail you’ll love.

Saltwater Grill at the Grand Hotel  1 Grand Blvd., Point Clear. 990-6300 

4. Keepin’ it Real

Sometimes, you just need to indulge nature’s fruits as they were intended to be eaten. This upscale dessert takes the simple — whole, local, seasonal berries — and adds an elegant consommé of macerated fruit juices from these berries combined with Grand Marnier. Whipped cream tops off this tasty cold finisher. 

NOJA • 6 N. Jackson St. 433-0377

DID YOU KNOW? In 2004, the blackberry became Alabama’s official state fruit thanks to a third grade class at Fairhope Elementary School. 

text by Chelsea Wallace adams • photo by blair abraham

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