Bite of the Bay

MB's contributing food fanatics share the local dishes that made them hungry for more this month.

Photo by Blair Merrills

Dessert Sushi at Bike Shop

“I start with their blackberry mint margarita every time, which is absolutely delicious and not too minty. Then I go with their seaweed salad, which is tangy and fresh. For sushi, their Miranda roll is a wonderful vegetarian option (I’m allergic to shellfish, so this is perfect) that has rice, seaweed, veggies and cream cheese. Their dessert banana sushi roll of rice, bananas, strawberry and chocolate (pictured) is a great finish to a great meal.” — Dr. Ash Prakash,  Asst. Professor of Oncologic Services, USA Mitchell Cancer Institute

OK Bicycle Shop • 661 Dauphin St. 432-2453

Gumbo at Corner 251

“Gumbo is a traditional treat if you live on the Gulf Coast. Corner 251 at The Admiral Boutique Hotel on Government Street serves some of the very best. The dark roux is rich and spicy with a generous amount of shrimp, crabmeat and chicken. Served over rice and with crackers, this is truly a flavorful delight for any gumbo lover and calls you back time and time again.”  — Hosea London, Leader and Manager, The Excelsior Band

Corner 251 • 251 Government St. 432-8000

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Snapper at Chuck’s Fish

“Our dinner at Chuck’s Fish began with a very fresh and well-seasoned salad, followed by a fresh piece of pan sautéed snapper served over crispy vegetables. The fish was very moist and was caught in the Gulf by Chuck’s fleet of deep-sea fishing boats. For dessert, we chose the rich, delectable brownie with caramel sauce and ice cream — it was over-the-top amazing! Everything was under the expert guidance of John, the manager. ” — Dr. Richard Otts, Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mobile Infirmary

Chuck’s Fish • 551 Dauphin St. 219-7051

Sushi at Master Joe’s

“I hit it big on the appetizer. Beef Aspara Maki features sliced beef-wrapped asparagus, spinach and cream cheese, which is then pan-seared and served with kapayaki sauce — a great complement. I could not escape my favorite roll: The Titanic Roll. Shrimp and cucumber, topped with crab, shrimp and avocado and dressed with spicy mayo, kapayaki sauce and tempura flakes. Tried and true.” — Mary Courtney Cane,  President, Courtney and Morris Real Estate 

Master Joe’s • 21 N Section St. 928-8668

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